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Should you build a DIY Ugly Drum Smoker

A 55-gallon drum can be converted into a DIY ugly drum smoker with a little bit of elbow grease. It can be fitted with a charcoal basket, a grilling grate, and plumbing valves, which act as air inlets. To complete the look, a 22-inch cooking grate can be attached to the drum. This is not the ugly drum smoker, but it’s a great grilling tool nonetheless.

Disadvantages of a drum smoker

There are a lot of advantages to a DIY ugly drum smoker. They are easy to use, portable, and require minimal maintenance. Once assembled, they cruise for 10 to 20 hours at a low temperature. Most of these drum smokers can handle two or three packer briskets or four pork shoulders. They can also easily feed a large crowd. Lastly, the best part about these smokers is that they can be built for under $200.

The primary advantage of a drum smoker is that they are relatively easy to use. There is little monitoring needed and they can cook a variety of foods. If you’re a beginner, a DIY ugly drum smoker will help you to master the basics of grilling. It’s easy to store, and can be a great tool for newbies. You can customize the temperature on the drum smoker to suit the tastes of your family and guests.

The downside of a DIY ugly drum smoker is that it’s not aesthetically pleasing. However, the great thing about an ugly drum smoker is that it’s easy to build and requires little maintenance. You can cook several types of meats with a drum smoker and enjoy the delicious smoked meat in no time. There are some drawbacks to DIY Ugly Drum Smokers, but it’s worth considering if you have enough time and want to try your hand at DIY.

A DIY ugly drum smoker is a simple and inexpensive way to make a quality smoker. It’s easy to light, maintain a low temperature, and is easy to assemble. A DIY ugly drum smoker can also be painted in the team’s colors or customized with a bottle opener. It can be used to smoke your favorite barbecues. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter.


A DIY ugly drum smoker is an excellent choice for any backyard barbecue. They are a simple barrel-drum structure that cooks a variety of meats at a low temperature. You will need to buy certain tools to build your own smoker, but if you’re a hard-core DIYer, you probably already have most of these things. If not, you can always buy them online. To make a DIY ugly drum smoker, read this guide first.

To make a DIY ugly drum smoker, start with a 55-gallon steel drum. Remove the paint and then drill holes for air intake control and exhaust. If you want a more custom look, paint the drum with your favorite team’s colors and attach a bottle opener. The entire process will take about two hours. Once complete, your DIY ugly drum smoker will taste great. The meat will be juicy and tender.

After you have your drum cleaned and prepped, start looking for the parts. You’ll need a basket, grate, fire basket, and lid handle. You can purchase these parts on Amazon or local hardware stores. If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy a complete UDS kit. You’ll also need some welding and other metalwork tools. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you can begin building your DIY ugly drum smoker.

The cost of a DIY ugly drum smoker depends on your skills. The most basic smoker costs around $100 and is usually made from a metal filing cabinet. A used filing cabinet can be bought for around $60 or less. It’s important to buy an unpainted filing cabinet since the epoxy paint on it breaks down when heated. A filing cabinet can cost as much as $110 brand new, but you can find one second-hand for less than half that price. After that, coat it with a heat-resistant BBQ paint to make it more functional.


An ugly drum smoker is a portable smokehouse made of a 55-gallon steel drum. Once the paint is removed from the exterior, it’s time to drill the holes for hardware, air intake, and exhaust control. The cooking grate is attached with bolts and the charcoal fire basket is held in place with two hex bolt legs. There are also several ways to add a ventilation system to the drum.

Another option is to purchase a ready-to-use electric drum smoker. This type of smoker can be used in the kitchen or can be carried along as a tailgating tool. Unlike gas smokers, electric smokers do not rely on the length of the barrel to maintain temperature. The electric drum smoker is a cheaper option than a gas smoker. Unlike gas smokers, electric drum smokers do not rely on the heat produced by coals. They also need more fuel than a DIY rigged barbecue grill. The biggest name in drum smokers is Gateway Drum Smokers, and they took the DIY concept to the next level.

For a DIY ugly drum smoker, you can use a metal filing cabinet as a drum. If the filing cabinet is painted, you’ll need to repaint it before you start smoking. You don’t want to use epoxy paint, as this can release toxins when the drum is heated. The filing cabinet can cost you $110 new or $60 second-hand. Make sure to coat it with a barbecue paint resistant to prevent cracking.

The most popular upgrade for the UDS is the heavy-duty charcoal nest, which is the strongest charcoal basket on the market. Another popular upgrade is the Stainless Steel Rib and Meat Hanging Kit. This kit can be installed with no extra holes in your DIY ugly drum smoker. The kit includes eight short hooks and four long hooks. When used correctly, it will save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

Cleaning a drum smoker

Cleaning an ugly drum smoker requires more than a good brush and some water. You must remove any dirt or debris that is present on the smoker’s surface. Cleanout procedures include removing any debris from the coating system, allowing the flames to purify the interior and using cooking spray to clean the grates. You can also add bacon to the grates to give your smokehouse a natural aroma and help to keep the air clean.

Some barbecue cleaners can be used to clean the drum smoker, but you should make sure to rinse it thoroughly with a hose. To prevent food from sticking to the drum, line the bottom with foil or purchase a plate to place under the firebox. You can also add more seasoning to the drum if you desire. But be sure to use caution when cleaning and seasoning your drum smoker. Many chemicals can eat through the metal and leave it vulnerable to corrosion.

Ugly drum smokers are relatively easy to clean. They are made of a barrel-drum structure and use charcoal or wood chunks as fuel. The drum features a fire basket at the bottom that holds charcoal and wood chunks. The drum’s fire basket creates consistent smoke. A fire basket also helps keep the temperature even. A drum smoker should have an intake vent to keep air flowing. Most UDS’s feature an upper and lower cooking grate with a lid.

Oil drum barbecues are very versatile and easy to clean. They are heat-resistant, but you still need to clean your ugly drum smoker before using it. Luckily, there are tools for this. A simple boiling water solution is the best way to clean an ugly drum. Boiling water is a good way to remove ash from an ugly drum smoker. And it’s also quick and easy. So, clean your ugly drum smoker today!

Safety precautions

A DIY ugly drum smoker is an inexpensive way to make your own barbecue pit. It has a simple barrel-drum structure, and can be used to cook a variety of meats. It requires certain tools, including a charcoal grate and a charcoal fire basket. Hardcore do-it-yourselfers may already have these tools. Regardless, it is important to follow certain safety precautions. Here are some tips.

First, make sure your drum is dry and free from flammable liquids. A drum containing flammable liquids should be cleaned before burning. Second, be sure your drum has a proper seal. Proper sealants will prevent moisture from entering the drum, which can cause the coals to smolder. Lastly, be sure to check your smokeout timer regularly to ensure the drum does not overheat.

Another benefit of using a DIY ugly drum smoker is that it is easy to use. This smoker cruises for 10 to 20 hours at a time, maintaining a low temperature and producing smoked meats without burning. A drum smoker can hold two to three packer briskets, or at least four pork shoulders, depending on the size. Moreover, the DIY ugly drum smoker kit is affordable. A mid-level model can provide you with all of the basic smoking equipment that you need.

While DIY drum smokers are easy to build and are very cheap, they have their limitations. While some drum smokers are good at smoking, they are not so great at frying or baking. As long as you follow safety precautions, you can build a DIY ugly drum smoker and enjoy the deliciousness of homemade BBQ! There are also many recipes available on the internet that will allow you to create delicious foods using this new smoker.

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