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The Pillar Vertical Smoker - The first thing you should cook.

So you finally have it, your one of a kind Pit Barrel Smoker, Drum Cooker, all in one grilling machine has arrived. But now comes the question, what to cook first? Smoked chicken wings taste amazing. You've never tried cooking a tender brisket. The thought of even smoking a whole pork shoulder comes to mind. In the end, we recommend something tried and true that everyone loves. A delicious rack of smoked ribs.

The Pillar Vertical Smoker - The first thing you should cook.

The beauty of The Pillar, is that you can utilize most barrel smoker or drum recipes you find across the internet, while The Pillar's unique design and airflow surround your meats with smoky flavor without you putting in the extra work. 

For a tried and true smoked rib recipe on The Pillar, we suggest the following. 

Smoke the ribs for three hours at a temperature of 225F for a long, slow, and low smoke. We heavily suggest applying a dry BBQ rub to your ribs. Depending on your tolerance, here is where you can choose something more spicy, or more sweet. If you are smoking back ribs you may want to adjust your cook time to 2 hours, depending on how quickly your ribs start to loose moisture.

The second step begins tenderizing your meats, (fall of the bone lovers be sure to follow this step). Wrap the ribs tightly in foil, allowing steam to further cook the ribs, resulting in tender and juicer meat. (Some suggest adding in apple juice, beer, or a little water to further help this process.) Cook for an additional 2 hours at 225.

Lastly it is time to coat your ribs in your favorite homemade or store bought BBQ sauce. Again, the spicy vs sweet debate can rage here. Coat both sides of your ribs, and place them back into The Pillar for a final hour. 

The end result? Ribs that everyone will enjoy.

To view more about The Pillar barrel / drum smoker, visit our page HERE.

For more recipes, follow us on Facebook at Next Level Ironworks.


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