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The Pillar - The Next Level of Vertical Smokers

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About Next Level Ironworks

The Pillar

What do you call something that is part smoker, part grill, part BBQ, and all around amazing. We call it, The Pillar. Take your family cookout to the Next Level with this all in one cooking machine.

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Fire Pits

Our fire pit prototype is completed and will be heading to backyards like yours sometime soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook at - Next Level Iron Woks - for the latest info one fire pits, The Pillar smoker, and more!

Fire Pits Coming Soon!


Next Level Ironworks merchandise is coming soon. T-shirts, hats, mugs, and more. Come back soon to grab some gear!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have an answer.

  • What makes The Pillar smoker different than other barrel cookers, drum smokers, or other smokers?


If you hate the trashcan or toxic barrel look of pit barrel cookers, are looking for something American made, and are looking for something on wheels to roll out to your next family BBQ, then The Pillar is for you. Our grill is a 22 inch compact vertical smoker that allows more cooking space than comparable smokers, because of the way you cook over a fire instead of next to one. You get every bit of the smoke touching the meat before it leaves the top of the smoker, which make it incredibly efficient. 

Multiple shelf locations allow for adding more shelves, but also accommodate various sizes of meat. You can also hang ribs or sausage from the shelves themselves. The shelves have been designed for use in transporting your meat directly on and off the grill.

The Pillar is designed to allow you to control air intake and exhaust. There is a side door that allows access to remove the fire box, and an independent ash pan which makes for easy cleaning as well as adding fuel to the fire in the middle of a long cook.

The unique octagon shape allows us to ship via UPS, reducing your cost for shipping. 


The Pillar comes with 4 castor wheels for easy moving, allowing you to be the grill master on the go. 

  • What can you cook on The Pillar vertical smoker grill combo?


The beauty of The Pillar is that it can do everything a drum smoker or barrel cooker can, while doubling as a classic grill. You can make everything from smoked chicken and competition ribs, to grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, all the way to smoked pork shoulder and panda bear. Well, maybe not the panda bear...

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  • Do I use charcoal or wood chips?


It can burn any type of charcoal or wood.

  • Can you cook in all weather?

    If you are willing, then our cooker is able. 


    • How do I clean and maintain The Pillar smoker?


    The Pillar smoker has been designed to be cleaned like any grill. The shelves and grates can be washed normally, though it is recommended to oil them to prevent rust. 

    • How does the paint hold up?


    We utilize a special powder coat paint on all of our cookers to withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees, more than enough to smoke any meat you want to serve on your table.

    Shipping Questions

    • How do I track my order?


    Once your order has been submitted, a confirmation E-mail and tracking number will be sent to you after your order is processed. Check your E-mail you submitted for this information.

    • How long will it take to arrive once ordered?


    Typical orders should arrive via a UPS truck in 3 to 5 days depending on your location. Our smokers and fire pits are custom made in Southern Indiana. 

    Damage, Warranty, and Other Issues

    • What if my item arrives damaged?


    All of our Pillar vertical / drum smoker products leave our shop securely packaged when shipping via UPS. Please make sure to inspect your shipment for any exterior damage before accepting shipment. If there appears to be damage on the outer box, please remove the smoker and inspect. While we rarely have cases of damage due to the tough nature of The Pillar, it is best to be safe than sorry.

    If you find there is inner damage, submit pictures and information to with your order information, and a representative will be in contact with you. 

    Do not use one of our products that you are intending to submit a notification of damage for, or that you are intending to return.

    • What is the return policy?


    Any product can be return unused within 14 days of receiving shipment, minus the cost of shipping.

    • What is the warranty?


    Each smoker comes with a 1 year warranty, but as we want to provide the highest of quality products that we can, if a problem arises outside of this timeframe please contact us so we can come to an agreeable solution, and so we can help eliminate issues in future products before they arise. 

    • I broke something, what do I do? I need replacement parts?


    Contact us at 812-800-9568 to order replacement parts or to request repair instructions.

    • Who do I contact if there is an issue?


    Please contact us at 812-800-9568 if you are experiencing any issues. 


    Contact Next Level Ironworks

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    If you have a question regarding an order, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions above to see if we have already answered your question there. For other inquiries, product suggestions, questions, or customer support issues, please E-mail us at - -